Safe welcoming customers

The Masseria, in line with national and regional directives on 'Safe welcome' will reopen safely.

Here are our security measures to guarantee prevention, the protection of our guests and to fully enjoy the nature that surrounds us.

 Always valid measures
• It is necessary to self-declare that you are not subjected to quarantine isolation measures and that you have no symptoms attributable to Covid-19
• It is suggested that the identification documents be sent by e-mail or whatsApp in advance
• Body temperature can be detected and people with temperatures above 37.5 ° are prevented from entering
• Outside areas will be privileged for meal times; if this is not possible, a large internal space will always be guaranteed
• All spaces are well ventilated, it is advisable to privilege this natural ventilation throughout the day
• The mask must always be worn in the common areas
• It is necessary to always keep the interpersonal distance of at least one meter
• It is necessary to wash / sanitize hands often; hydro-alcoholic solutions will be made available to guests

Specific measures for the reception in B&B
• Bedrooms of our Agriturismo offer the possibility of independent and independent entrances
• Only guests who already live together in the same home in their daily lives can be accommodated in the same room

Specific measures for the reception in the Agri-hostel
• The maximum number of people allowed is equal to the number of bathrooms present, therefore there will be no more shared bathrooms unless the guests are part of a family already living together
• Safety space is always guaranteed even in large and well-ventilated dormitories
• Pilgrims / walkers in transit are advised to bring their sleeping bag and linen with them

We are confident that you will find participation in and respect for these rules, to guarantee everyone's health.

In a context like ours and with your collaboration, yours will be a pleasant and relaxing stay.

See you there!