Team building

Try to imagine yourself in our farm with your colleagues, while taking care of the vegetable garden or grazing the flock in the hills ... we are sure to have torn a smile!

Living an experience all together in the countryside, putting aside for a day CRP, meetings and call conferences, allows you to build and strengthen interpersonal ties to deal with every business day ... and why not even personal.

The invitation to an 'ecological' team building stems from the conviction that, in any area, the difference is made by people, able to feel part of a whole, to know how to 'make a group', deriving collective and personal benefits and well-being, working and not.

The farm provides the environment and its seasonal agricultural calendar, also combining culinary and dairy experiences to rediscover interpersonal relationships and grow the Corporate Social Responsibility.

The characteristics of traditional team building projects, such as the ability to stimulate creativity, determination, the desire to get involved and the predisposition for group work, add the variable 'Nature', increasing the degree of sustainability of working environments and the relationships between Colleagues.

We are available for additional information, do not hesitate to contact us!