Experiential tourism and workshops

This type of involvement was born entirely by chance, which has seen more and more guests keep us company in our activities, returning from a day of excursions in Matera or early in the morning waiting for it to stop raining ... already it is born as if we had invited old family friends to help us in our little daily chores.

Even today some call us or send us pictures of these moments for them become unforgettable.

This is our experiential tourism, made up of a familiar, secure welcome that involves and excites us, without inventing anything different from what we actually do every day thanks to what our reality offers us.

And so a holiday becomes an experience to remember and carry with you forever ... if you remember with emotions, time has no effect!

Our seasonal calendar allows you to choose according to your preferences experiences related to the collection of pomegranate or olives, following the whole process up to the pressing; or linked to cheese making, transforming our milk into the best cheese that can exist simply because it has been seen to take shape without filters and in an autonomous way; or even tied to the kitchen, rediscovering wood cooking methods that give off a crazy appetite!

Everything is linked to excursions on our hills to learn about the history and rural traditions of a territory that can tell the story of small agricultural settlements.

If your holiday is not just to leave but also to travel ... La Fiorita really is the right place!