What is an Agriturismo?

Our farm first came to light in 1975, fruit of Nonno Vito’s decision to start up a family business. It all began high up on this verdant hill, 400 metres above sea level, dominating the landscape overlooking the Fossa Bradanica.

The real protagonist in the story of our farmhouse is the Fontana Marroni spring, still there today. Thanks to its waters, our lands have for many years been a crossroads in travels and settlements of all kinds. As we all know, water is the origin of life!

All of this, together with the mild hill climate and strategic position, have made these lands protagonists in history ever since the fourth century B.C.

In  1998 the decision was made to take a chance on closed cycle production, strictly seasonal and without the use of intensive farming, chemical fertilizers, weed killers or pesticides. It matters little whether we call it organic farming; what counts is that respect for national and European laws has paid off!

Clean air, spring water, healthy land and warm sun are the essential ingredients of all our products, all produced on the farm, organic and good both on the inside and out!

Naturally … you’re all invited to come and enjoy; our doors are always open!


Our farmhouse has been active within the local area for more than 30 years now and invites everyone to take part in its activities to rediscover that sensation of village life.


Certified organic production and, more importantly, our passion, give all our products that unique taste and guaranteed wholesomeness. Zero chemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.

Freshness and taste are of utmost importance during all phases of production; each product is cultivated and prepared bearing in mind its natural characteristics, nutritional qualities and in harmony with the season.

From the producer to the consumer – a slogan we take to heart!

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Masseria La Fiorita

Strada Provinciale Timmari - Santa Chiara
75100 - Matera