CulTourData: welcome with creative data!

Can the data creatively describe the values that the Masseria transmits through hospitality?

It is an objective that we have set ourselves together with the 'Il Vagabondo' association and the creative Giuseppe Incampo by participating in the European CulTourData project.

We want to show you how numbers sometimes have a soul that allows us to read them with passion and enthusiasm, leaving the territory the opportunity to reflect.

We focused our attention on our guests of the #CamminoMaterano by sending them a questionnaire that allows them to describe the experience linked to hospitality at the farm, respect for the territory, slow tourism and the sustainability of the structure. An operation that allows us to photograph in color the memories of the passage here and to raise awareness of sustainable tourism.

Data and creativity will tell about an economic reality, a territory, a journey, a tourism project.

Here's the beautiful result! :)