Nails, hammers and crown of thorns

We want to share with you the meaning of our logo: the flower of passion flower.

Why this flower?

When Marialaura chose to take the father's witness to give continuity to the family business, they asked themselves whether or not to keep the old logo.

It would have been nice to be able to keep that, too, but little could lend itself to the modern and necessary management logic of Fiorita's 'face'.

So she herself began to think of something that bound her to her beloved land and that managed to encompass the meaning of her project.

The first memory that came to mind is that of the beautiful moments of play in the country with the family, when to dye the face used just the pollen of the flower of passionflower, climbing that covered the entire portico of the current structure.

A wider meaning has joined the memory of the heart.

The flower is in fact composed of 'hammers, nails and crown of thorns', representative elements of the work and the daily commitment of the Masseria, as well as the difficulties associated with a complex but at the same time splendid reality: everything is combined to compose a beautiful flower !